Some notes on the name

[Although a focus is continually forming, the storm imagery still feels very apt.  The thought process hasn’t changed.  But the mission and joy certainly has]

So many things to say! Where to begin? What do I write? What do I call it? When I was in elementary school, the teachers taught us to draw thought maps. Flow charts to help outline papers, bubble maps to think of ideas, double bubble maps to compare and contrast different stuff. I always enjoyed circle maps the most, though. You’d draw a circle enclosed in a larger circle, write the topic in a center circle, then just brain storm. Brainstorming felt like my zone. It must be how a cheetah feels chasing prey. “Damn, I am good at this! Watch me take off like a super sonic jet!” (Cue Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone). I still use a form of thought maps on a regular basis. I have a white board in my office where I brain storm. I don’t even bother with a circle anymore. I just write junk and draw arrows to link it all together. At times, I even color code different ideas when I’m feeling fancy. I’m told it looks similar to the work of private detectives or deranged lunatics.

When I decided to write a blog, I brainstormed ideas. And there were just too many to focus in on. Then I realized that brainstorms have a focus, a topic. I didn’t have much of one. Whatever I was trying to do was far more chaotic than a brain storm. It was more sudden, more disorienting. If you’re from the northeast (and probably any other frosty, frozen part of the globe) you’ve experienced a snow squall. You’re just walking or driving down a snowy road, then WHOOSH! You are surrounded in a rush of cold, white wind. It seems to come out of nowhere and now you’re stuck in it, maybe without a coat because you were only bringing the trash to the curb.
Why not, then, write a blog about anything? Something that just flows with the course of my mind and imagination? And what should I call it. If it’s more chaotic than a brainstorm…

Then it must be a Noggin Squall.


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