Welcome to Noggin Squall

If you are new here, you are probably wondering what a Noggin Squall is.

The Noggin Squall (the concept, not merely the blog) is where I believe imagination swirls and collides with faith. When it comes to matters of faith, I think many of us fear using our imaginations. We fear trespassing outside the bounds of orthodoxy. We fear “getting it wrong,” and we fear whatever consequences we believe that doing so entails.

I believe that is a mistake, and neglects the creativity and insight that is rooted in the Imago Dei. As God creates, so do we desire and yearn to create. We create out of the fodder of our imaginations. And while our creations are qualitatively distinct from God’s, I believe our imagination could very well be the most Divine thing about humanity.

The eye at the center of all my mental wind and debris is the role of the imagination in engaging the spiritual life. For my part, this is largely reflected in my love for narrative as it plays out in a host of nerdy mediums. Frankly, being a geek and being a person of faith feels like inseparable pieces of myself. It reminds me of a soft-serve ice cream cone that is twisted chocolate-vanilla. Have you ever watched a younger kiddo try to lick away one flavor first? It can’t be done.

On Noggin Squall, you will find my reflections and musings on various observations of life and culture, movie reviews of a sort, some pieces one seeing the world through a new lens, and the occasional topical series.

The nerd life and the Jesus walk swirl around here in exciting chaos.

I desire to let the Holy Spirit engage my imagination. I desire to imagine with abandon so that boundaries may be breached into new worlds. I desire to imagine with humility so I may mend boundaries better left unbroken.

Welcome to my brain storm. Welcome to Noggin Squall.

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